GRAVODRONE is a tech-startup aimed at creating innovative solutions using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones. We are inclined towards enabling businesses solve everyday problems using UAV technology. We are passionate about using technology creatively to provide customized solutions for Marketing and Operations across industries. We believe that the UAVs bring a new perspective to various businesses in a fast, efficient, accurate and cost-effective manner and our vision is to be a pioneer in the field of UAV enabled services in India.


Priya Iyengar.  Co-founder


Priya is a Content Marketer with over 10 years of experience in Aviation, Hospitality and Manufacturing Industries. She is an alumna of School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL). Her keen interest in drone technology combined with her creative skills have led to her donning the role of a creative director at the firm. Her people skills have earned her the responsibility of managing the human resource requirement of the company. She is a highly enthusiastic individual and is committed to a very high level of customer service.

Contact : +91-8600146278  |   priya@gravodrone.com          


Raakesh Ramaswamy. Co-founder.


Raakesh is a tech entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in IT and Manufacturing industry. His expertise lies in strategic marketing and business development. He is an alumnus of School of Inspired Leadership (SOIL). His extensive research in drone technology has led him to believe that UAVs hold great potential in changing the way many industries operate today. He shoulders the responsibility of identifying opportunities and delivering UAV enabled services that could shape the future of the organisation and the industry at large.

Contact : +91-8600146280  |   rk@gravodrone.com